Idaho Quality Program Standards

Note: This page is still under construction and is missing some information.

The Idaho Quality Program Standards is a program evaluation tool to help you assess the state of your program and develop an action plan to make program improvements. It can also be used for program advocacy to show administrators and advisory boards the state of your program. This page is dedicated to PROGRAM IMPROVEMENT, the IQPS Grant should be seen as a added benefit for your time spent evaluating and making program improvements. Note that steps 4-6 are not required for the IQPS Grant but are critical steps for program improvement. For ease of application for the grant evidence sheets provided by the CTE office are used for the IQPS program review process below. Information on the application process for the IQPS Grant visit the IQPS Grant Page.

Step 1: Rate your program using the standard information sheets below. This should be done by the teacher and be a quick assessment of where your program is today. Take notes in the margin on supporting evidence you could provide.


IQPS Standard 1: Program Planning, Design & Curriculum
IQPS Standard 2: Instruction & Assessment
IQPS Standard 3: Facilities and Equipment
IQPS Standard 4: Experiential Learning
IQPS Standard 5: Leadership Development
IQPS Standard 6: Partnerships and Marketing
IQPS Standard 7: Certified Agricultural Education Instructor and Professional Growth

These are not electronic documents that are type-able they are reference sheets. If you find mistakes or discrepancies, please email me so we can get them fixed and edited in a timely manner.

Step 2: Collect evidence under each standard to support your rating levels. Collect all of the evidence in a single file, electronic and/or hard copy, that could be given to a third party to evaluate your program. It is helpful if you organize it by standard. Required evidence documentation sheets:

Coming soon!: These are currently in editing phase at the CTE Office! We will upload these to the website in phases. If you see any mistakes please email me so we can get them fixed.

Step 3: Give a third party the information sheets and evidence to conduct an outside evaluation of your program. Have them take notes of comments and suggestions.

Example rating sheet, coming soon!

Step 4: Create a data summary sheet to make it easy for advisory board members, administrators and you to develop an improvement action plan.

Example data summary sheet template coming soon!

Step 5: Meet with advisory board members, administrators and teacher(s) to develop an improvement action plan. This can be a 5 year plan or annual plan depending on program needs and assessment. 

5 Year Plan Template

Step 6: Implement the program improvement action plan utilizing your advisory board and alumni throughout the year as needed.