IATA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be composed of the regularly elected officers, appointed officers, Past-President, and the 10 District Directors.

IATA Officers

President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Secretary-Elect are elected to office at each summer in-service/conference where IATA business is conducted. Nominations are opened at SLC and accepted through summer in-service/conference until the last IATA meeting where voting takes place. IATA officers serve one year in each elected position. 

Executive Treasurer, Legislative Liaison, CTEI Representative, CTEI Representative, Website Administrator, Professional Development Coordinator, and Mentorship Coordinator are all appointed positions. Time in office depends on the position. 

Officer Duties: President, President-Elect, Secretary, Secretary-Elect, Mentor Program Coordinator, Website Administrator, Professional Development Coordinator, CTEI Representative

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): An agreement to give your administration so they understand the days required for office. Would be filled out prior to running for office. This form is not required to run for office.

2019-2020 IATA Officers

Executive Committee
President: Brian Wolf, Filer
President-Elect: Amy Nichols, Cambridge
Secretary: Michelle Aoi, Wendell
Secretary-Elect: Sam Hoffman, Troy
Executive Treasurer: Alan Heikkila, Meridian
Past President: Nicole Lebsack, Jerome

Additional Officer Positions
CTEI Representative: Travis Edwards, Kuna
Website Administrator: Nicole Lebsack, Jerome
Professional Development Coordinator:
Mentorship Program Coordinator: Josette Nebeker, Highland-Craigmont
Legislative Liaison: Shawn Dygert, Kuna

Assistant Positions
Legislative Liaison In-Training: Katie Mosman, Grangeville
North Idaho Legislative Liaison Representative: Kyle Stapleton, Nezperce
Eastern Idaho Legislative Liaison Representative: Marc Beitia, American Falls

Past Idaho NAAE Officers

District Directors

Directors from each of the nine FFA Districts in Idaho work with the IATA officers as the executive board for the associations. District Directors are elected on three year renewable terms by the teachers in each district.

North Idaho
Kyle Stapleton, Nezperce
2009-2021, 4 Terms

North Magic Valley
Brandee Lewis, Shoshone
2016-2019, 1 Term

North Upper Snake River
Tom Jacobson, North Fremont
2016-2019, 1 Term

Treasure Valley
Ray Shirts, Vallivue
2018-2020, 1 Term

Boise Valley
Joe Blackstock
2018-2021, 1 Term

Western Idaho
Amy Nichols, Cambridge
2010-2020, 3 Terms

South Magic Valley
Dan Billington, Castleford
2015-2021, 2 Terms

East Magic Valley
Marc Beitia, American Falls
2008-2020, 4 Terms

South Upper Snake River
Cody Park, Aberdeen
2011-2020, 4 Terms

Southeastern Idaho
Kevin Wells, Bear Lake
2018-2021, 1 Term

District Advisor

Advisors are selected by their districts, selection process may vary depending on district. They usually serve a one year term. 

North Idaho
Julie Smith, Bonners Ferry

North Magic Valley
Michelle Aoi, Wendell

North Upper Snake River
Shane Wetzel, Madison

Treasure Valley
Carly Gerwig, Vallivue

Boise Valley
Tami Frank, Nampa

East Magic Valley
Jaysa Fillmore, Cassia

South Upper Snake River
Cameron Flaming, Blackfoot

Southeastern Idaho
Randall Apgood, North Gem

Western Idaho
Ron Corbett, Council

South Magic Valley
Joseph Maxwell, Kimberly


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