Pathway Information

Pathway Guide-Courses available and capstone courses for each pathway.

Program (Pathway) Standards-The standards that should be covered when the pathway is complete. If you have any questions about each of the pathways please contact teachers listed.

Agribusiness (Status: Complete) 
Joe Blackstock, Kuna (email)
Ron Corbett, Council (email)
Kyle Stapleton, Nezperce (email)
Cody Porath, Kimberly (email)
Sam Condie, Burley (email)

Animal Science (Status: Complete)
Justin Tate
Robert Hale, Rigby (email)

Ornamental Horticulture (Status: Complete)
Sue Poland, Homedale (email)
Janna Volkers, Nampa (email)
Mike Tesnohlidek, Fruitland (email)

Plant and Soil Science (Status: Complete)
Marc Beitia, American Falls (email)
Lex Godfrey, Rigby (email)
Kyle Stapleton, Nezperce (email)
Stuart Nesbitt, Weiser (email)

Small Engines (Status: Complete)
Alan Schoen, Rimrock (email)
Alan Heikkila, Meridian (email)
Bill Babcock, Nampa HS
Tony Fife, Kendrick (email)

Ag Leadership and Communications (Status: Pending criticality surveys, exam creation, exam pilot)
Marc Beitia, American Falls (email)
Steve Wilder, Meridian (email)
Tom Jacobsen, North Fremont (email)
Kyle Stapleton, Nezperce (email)
Nate Low, Emmett (email)

Ag Mechanics (Status: Pending criticality surveys, exam creation, exam pilot)
Lex Godfrey, Rigby (email)
Kevin Wells, Bear Lake (email)
Larin Crossley,  Preston (email)
Jesse Miller, Declo (email)
Randall Apgood, North Gem

Idaho Ecology and Natural Resource Management (Status: Test Item Development)
John Hastings, Sandpoint (email)
Allison Haylett, Dennis Center (email)
Adam Hanson, Dennis Center (email)
Nathan Low, Payette River Regional Technical Academy (email)
Shane Stevenson, Rocky Mountain (email)

Ag Welding (Status: People asked about it and show interest in it)

Course Information

ISEE Codes-A document that contains Ag Courses and ISEE codes for science and ag credit. Ag is located on pg 41-58.

Curriculum Guides (University of Idaho website Link to Curriculum Guides)

Common Core Alignment
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Mechanics
Animal Science
Plant Science

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice
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Curriculum Links

Curriculum Resources-Developed by Cami Schuman, Curriculum Committee Chair
National FFA Resources
CAERT Crosswalks
CASE: Curriculum Agricultural Science Education
Glen Rose Power Points
Georgia Ag Ed Curriculum
Leadership Ideas