IATA Awards

2018 Award Winners

Norco Inspirational Teacher of The Year: Randy Hillman,  South Freemont High School

Outstanding Ag Education Teacher: Jodie Mink, Cambridge High School
Outstanding Early Career: Kya Vines, Mountain Home High School
Outstanding Agricultural Program: Vallivue, Ray Shirts and Carly Gerwig
Teacher Mentor: Robert Hale, Rigby High School
Outstanding Post Secondary Program: University of Idaho-Region I Winner
Lifetime Achievement: Jim Summers, West Side High School-retired-Region I Winner
Outstanding Service: Dr. Jim Connors, University of Idaho-Region I Winner
Outstanding Cooperation: Culver's of Twin Falls-Region I Winner
Ideas Unlimited: Travis Edwards, Kuna High School
Teacher Turn the Key: Sam Hoffman, Troy High School

Years of Service
5 Years: Karl Dahle, Tyler Johnson, Matt Jones, Kya Vines
10 Years: Jason Baer, Devon Boyer, Melissa Oliver
15 Years: Blaine Campbell
20 Years: Lex Godfrey, Jason Tindall, Kevin Wells
25 Years: Larrin Crosley, Val Johnson, Nathan Lowe
30 Years: Joe Blackstock, Rick Hance, Alan Heikkila
35 Years: Gaylen Colter

NORCO Inspirational Award
To recognize who the IATA members deams as an inspirational teachers.

Application Process: The recipient is determined by ballot on the first IATA meeting of summer in-service/conference and the winner of that vote will be presented at the following years Summer in-service/conference.

Past NORCO Inspirational Award Recipients.

Outstanding Teacher
This award recognizes those IATA members who are at the top of their profession--those who are conducting the highest quality agricultural education programs. The award recognizes leadership in civic, community, agriculture/agribusiness and professional activities. One IATA member will be selected at the state level and will be submitted to compete at the regional level. Individuals may receive the regional award award only once. 

Outstanding Early Career
As a means of encouraging young teachers to remain in the profession and to encourage and recognize participation in professional activities, the NAAE Outstanding Early Career Teacher Award program is sponsored by John Deere as a special project of the National FFA Foundation. NAAE members who are in their third, fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh year of teaching at the time they apply are eligible for this award. (When the awards are presented at the subsequent NAAE convention, the award recipients will be in their fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, or eighth year of teaching.) Individuals may receive the regional award only once; previous regional winners are not eligible to apply. 

Outstanding Middle/Secondary Program
Agricultural education programs in middle schools and secondary schools are eligible to participate in the program. Previous regional winners may reapply for this award every five years if they choose.

Outstanding Administrator
The Idaho Agriculture Teachers Association created this award to honor those Administrators that go above and beyond in supporting Agriculutral Education at the local, state and national level. Please nominate your outstanding administrators for this award by filling out the IATA Outstading Application.

Agriscience Teacher of the Year

The Agriscience Teacher of the Year award recognizes teachers who have inspired and enlightened their students through engaging and interactive lessons in the science of agriculture.

NAAE Teacher Mentor Award
If you ask agriculture teachers what motivated them to enter and stay in the teaching profession, predominately they will attribute their decision to another agriculture teacher who encouraged them. Many state agricultural education associations have recognized the importance of positive relationships between beginning and experienced teachers by creating formal organizational structures to connect beginning and experienced teachers. This award program will provide additional incentives for experienced teachers to become mentors for beginning teachers, and it will provide beginning teachers a way to say thank you to the experienced teachers who have influenced them.

NAAE Teachers Turn the Key
Agricultural education is continually faced with a shortage of qualified teachers. Unless those who have been trained enter and remain in the profession for a period of several years, the shortage of qualified teachers will prevail. As a means of encouraging young teachers to remain in the profession and to encourage and recognize participation in professional activities, NAAE offers the Teachers Turn the Key Scholarship. Teachers in their second, third, or fourth year of teacher are eligible to apply for the Teachers Turn the Key Scholarship. Each state is allowed to forward two applications to the National level. Scholarships will fund the winner's trip to NAAE Convention and each recipient must agree to attend the whole Convention.

Application: Outstanding Awards/Turn the Key Application , Teacher Mentor Application, Outstanding Administrator
DUE DATE: Postmarked by April 1st or handed to the State President on or before Friday at SLC.

The IATA Executive Board will select an IATA winner and the applicant will be notified to fill out the NAAE application by May 15th. 

NAAE Outstanding Cooperation
Recognizes organizations, agribusiness companies, and others who have given outstanding support to agricultural education.

NAAE Outstanding Service Citation
Recognizes current and retired NAAE members who have made significant contributions to the agricultural education at the state, regional, and national levels. 

Application Process: Fill out the NAAE application and turn in to the IVATA President, it must be postmakred by april 1st or handed in at SLC. The IVATA executive board will select a winner and forward on to NAAE by May.

Ideas Unlimited
This award is designed to give NAAE members an opportunity to exchange teaching ideas. The idea may be original or borrowed. Each application should specify how the idea was used by the applicant and how the idea could help others in their teaching. All active NAAE members, who are teaching agricultural education are eligible to enter this competition. The member must be an NAAE member for three years prior to applying. 

Application Process: Fill out the NAAE application and turn the application in to the IVATA Awards committee at Summer In-Service. The winner will be forwarded on to Region I in the spring and the Region I winner will be forwarded to the NAAE Convention the following November.

Honorary Awards

Honorary FFA Award applications and information is hosed by the Idaho FFA Association and can be found by clicking here.