IATA Summer In-service
Lewiston, ID
June 18-22, 2018

Summer In-Service is the Idaho Agricultural Teachers Association's Annual Meeting. Business and committee meetings are held at this time to plan and organize important IATA activities. Workshops are  presented on important agricultural education topics to keep teachers informed and up-to date on professional standards and educational curriculum. Tours in a handful of industry operations will be provided for teachers to learn more about agricultural industries.

Host Site:
Lewiston High School
1114 9th Ave Lewiston, Idaho

Draft Schedule


Red Lion Hotel
621 21st Street Lewiston, ID 83501
(208) 799-1000
Idaho Agricultural Teachers Association Block

Calcutta Fundraiser

Tuesday, June 19th
6:30-8:30 pm

Help raise money for the Ag Teacher Relief Fund by participating in the Calcutta Fundraiser at summer in-service! Each district will pool their money to purchase a team roping team. If your chosen team wins the roping, you win a portion of the funds. A small portion will go to the winning team roping team and the rest will go towards the Ag Teachers Relief Fund. 

The Agricultural Educator Relief Fund is designed to assist individual NAAE active members during a time of personal crisis or need. NAAE members may receive up to a $500 stipend to help them through a difficult time. The fund is made possible by the support of state associations and private donors. -NAAE

Example: North Idaho district buys team number 1 for $300 and all 9 other districts buy their team for $300. That would be $3,000 in the pot. We will take $100 out for cattle, $300 for the winning team ropers, $300 for the winning district and the $2,300 remaining will go to the Ag Teacher Relief Fund


Seekins Precision
A 2004 deer hunt that was unsuccessful due to broken scope rings spurred the development of this company. Starting out in their garage producing SP Scope Rings, Glen and Katie have expanded Seekins Precision to a 25,000 square feet building where they produce more than ten major product lines, including complete rifles. Join us on a tour of the facilities to see equipment and the manufacturing process for these products.

CHS Primeland
We will be touring the $18.5 million agronomy hub plant at the Port of Wilma in Clarkston, Washington. The facility is set up so it can be almost unmanned and has a capacity of 24,000 tons of dry fertilizer storage and 2.5 million gallons of liquid storage.  It also has a 17,000 square-foot crop protection ware house that houses both bulk and packaged products. They have the ability to produce and supply about any blended crop nutrient you might need. This capability makes the facility unique in the Pacific Northwest.

Bentz Boats
A family owned and operated boat manufacturing company that has been building boats since 1972. On this tour you will get to see aluminum manufacturing, MIG and TIG welding processes. 

Lindsay Creek Vineyards
Tour of the conventional farm, organic farm and stone mill where they process organic grains.  Wine tasting available at the end of the tour.

Lower Granite
Lower Granite Dam provides hydroelectric generation, navigation, recreation and incidental irrigation. Located at the upstream end of Lake Bryan the dam is concrete gravity type with and earth fill right abutment embankment, it includes a navigation lock and an spillway. Traffic through the navigation lock consists of grains, petroleum products, fertilizer, wood products, and miscellaneous cargo.


We will have 5 workshop rotations, workshop descriptions and presenters will be posted at a later date. 

Workshop Rotation 4
AGED 258
IQPS Part 1
Range CDE

Workshop Rotation 5
AGED Leadership Dual Credit
IQPS Part 2
Agriscience Fair Training

Workshop Rotation 1
Metal Working
Beef Quality Assurance
Ben Meyer

Workshop Rotation  2
Entrepreneurship SAE
Shop Management

Workshop Rotation 3
Small Engines

Idaho Range Teacher Workshop

Thursday, June 21-Friday June 22
Registration Due: June 14th
email: April Hulet, U of I Range Extension Specialist
Workshop Flier