Idaho Career & Technical Education

Idaho Quality Program Standards (IQPS)
Incentive Grant Application Process

Due: July 2nd 11:59 pm

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Important Dates

March 1st Application Opens
March-June Local Program Review
July 2nd (11:59pm) Grant Application (Email) and Supporting Documents (FTP Server) Due
July-August ICTE Review Process
September On-Site Review (if applicable)
October 31 Incentive Grants Issued

Eligibility Requirements

Accordance with IDAPA Code and 2018 IQPS FAQ the following are the eligibility requirements for IQPS:

  • Programs and instructors must be grades 9-12
  • In standards 1-6 programs must meet each of the program quality indicators at level of "basic" (2) or higher.
  • In standards 1-6 programs must also have an overall average rating of no less than "distinguished" (4)
  • In standard 7 instructors must meet each of the program quality indicators at the level of "basic" (2) or higher.
  • In standard 7 instructors must also have an overall average rating of no less than "distinguished" (4) 

How to Apply

Step 1: Get an FTP Account from the State CTE Department and Login

The CTE Department has an account set up for every teacher and school. You must request a FTP account or already have one in order to apply for an IQPS grant. 

  • New Applicants: Contact Jacob Barber at 208.429.5534 or for username and password.
  • Returning Applicants: Username is your email and passwords are locked and can't be changed . They are the same from previous years, if you cant remember contact Jacob Barber to receive your information.
  • The FTP Server is on the following link
  • Instructions on using the FTP Server

Step 2: Collect all Data/Evidence

(Refer to steps 1-2 on the Idaho Quality Program Standards page)

  • Read through the IQPS Standard Information Sheets and compile evidence to support rankings, for each standard, and place in an electronic/hard copy file.
  • This will be used by your local review team and you will need to upload to the FTP server for the state review team.

Required Documentation: Required documentation action item list (Provided by Kuna Ag Dept)

Standard 5 Evidence
Chapter Program of Activities
AET FFA IQPS Report or FFA Report
Annual FA Chapter Report
Advisory Committee Report
Advisory Committee Minutes
Standard 6 Evidence
Marketing Plan
Recruitment and Retention Plan
Standard 7 Evidence
Instructor Information Sheet
IQPS Budget Request
Standard 1 Evidence
IQPS POS Reports
Course Syllabus
Advisory Committee Minutes
Standard 2 Evidence
Year-round Extended Weekly Report
AET Report
Program of Activities
Program Calendar
Standard 3 Evidence
Idaho Division of Building Safety Facility Report
Standard 4 Evidence
AET SAE IQPS Report or SAE Report
Advisory Committee Report
Advisory Committee Minutes

Step 3: Complete a Local Program Review.

The Idaho Agricultural Education Quality Program Standards are designed to be used by the local instructor(s), administration, community partners and/or stakeholders, advisory council, FFA Alumni and/or an external assessment team to conduct an evaluation of the local agricultural education program and develop clear goals and objectives for program improvement. The local self-assessment or evaluation will serve as the basis for further review by the Idaho Division of Career & Technical Education in determining how well an agricultural education program meets the Idaho Agricultural Education Quality Program Standards.
Each agriculture education program and school district will determine who is included on their local review team. The local review assessment must verify the contents of the quality standards rating with the approval and signature of the local agricultural education instructor, local administrator and chairman of the local advisory board.

Step 4: Administrator Review

  • Have your administrator complete the Administrator Section of the IQPS Rating Checklist 2018 (See Step 3)
  • Have your administrator sign the IQPS Review Summary Signature Page (See Step 3)

Step 5: Submit Application

  • All required data/evidence must be uploaded to the FTP Server.
  • Your administrator needs to send the Rating Checklist to

Due July 2, 2018 by 11:59 pm

State Review Process

Following the receipt of a local program application, ICTE will conduct an assessment of the program and instructor to ensure they both meet the minimum eligibility requirements, as outlined in the quality program standards. At the administrator’s discretion, ICTE may partner with additional subject-matter experts to assist in the evaluation. Assessments will be conducted each school year the instructor and program participate in the grant program. The state program assessments may not include an on-site review. Districts will only be eligible to apply for the grant during the academic year the program received an assessment. Prior assessments cannot be used for subsequent grant applications.
The state review team will consist of three to four members. The state review team will be comprised of:
1. State team leader – state review team leader can be either the current or a past Idaho Ag/NR program manager.
2. Subject matter experts – individuals that have been nominated by the IATA, have a background/understanding of agricultural education and approved by the state team leaders.
Each state review team member will complete scoring each IQPS quality indicators rating sheets and summary page. Each quality indicator can be scored using the rating scale of 5 – 0. The team leader will be responsible to average the scores of each team member to determine a final state review score. The state review team leader will transfer the summary total for each standard to the Program and Instructor Review Summary sheet under the State Review Score column.
State review team members are encouraged to contact the local team review members with questions regarding clarification of the documents submitted. The state team member should not request additional information from the local program. If a state review team member wants to visit the program, please contact the state team leader or Ag/NR Program Manager so appropriate arrangements can be made.
The state team members will not receive the scoring of the local review team and should not ask for them from the local instructor or should the local instructor provide them to a state review team member. When the state review team review is completed, the state team leader will sign the Program and Instructor Review Summary.