Ideas Unlimited
Applications Due: April 1st

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Idaho Ag Teachers, 

Ag teachers have the inborn ability to think quickly multi-task and create amazing community partnerships. However, one of the most important skills we have is how we create unbreakable bonds among ourselves. I have only been an Idaho Ag teacher for 2 years and already its is completely clear that you all have created a strengthening chain of communication, brotherhood and cooperation. I have also witnessed the unbelievable talent that resides in Ag shops and Ag classrooms throughout Idaho. As a young teacher just surviving the day seems unbelievable, but you all take it to a different level. With that said I would like to promote to you an opportunity. Ideas Unlimited is a powerful program worth taking advantage of. I will make this as clear and quick as possible so that you may make an informed and speedy decision about going forward. 

It is obvious that members of the IATA are excited to see all the ideas that step up for a friendly competition, to the tune of 500 dollars of hard cash. I look forward to seeing your entry and casting my vote this coming summer in-service. You will find attached all the necessary materials and information to complete the application and get it sent off. Applications are accepted at the IATA level by Sue Poland at If you have any further questions she can be reached at Work: (208) 337-4613 Fax: (208) 257-3323

Thank you for your time, 
Emily Fisher
MIddleton High School