Workshop Descriptions:

Electrical Wiring Level 1- Tom Woodland, Gooding: This workshop is for teachers that did NOT attend Mr. Woodland’s electrical wiring workshop last year.  Teachers will assemble an electrical wiring board that can be taken home and used in the classroom. Teachers are encouraged to attend Level 2 to learn how to use and teach with the board. Advance sign up required to ensure material availability.

Electrical Wiring Level 2- Tom Woodland, Gooding: This workshop is for teachers who have attended Mr. Woodland’s Level 1 workshop on Monday or last year at CSI and have created an electrical wiring board. Teachers need to bring their board to this workshop to learn how to use and teach with the board.

Developing Your Local Context with FFA Alumni- Mark Pratt, Idaho FFA Alumni Association: This workshop will educate FFA advisors on best practices in utilizing local community people as resources for creating a direction for your ag program. Alumni are an oft-underutilized local resource and Mark Pratt will give FFA advisors the tools they need to reach out to these community members.

Introduction to AET- Lex Godfrey, Burley: If you are brand new to AET or haven’t gotten much further than the log-in page, attend this workshop to learn basic functions and features. Practice entering students and setting up a new record book.

“Examination” of the Veterinary Science CDE- Steve Wilder, Meridian: The job outlook for veterinary professionals is expected to be much higher than average in the coming decade. One way to interest and prepare your students for these careers is by coaching a Veterinary Science CDE team. The Meridian FFA team won the state CDE in 2014 and 2015. This workshop will provide an overview and answers to your questions about the Vet Science CDE.

Getting the most from and MyFFA- Ben Meyer, National FFA Come to this workshop to learn about all the resources offered on and MyFFA on both the student and advisor portals.

FFA Officer Training and Leadership Retreats- Ben Meyer, National FFA: Ben will highlight resources from the National FFA to help advisors plan and implement FFA Officer Training and Leadership Retreats. Come away with from this workshop with training materials and example schedules for one day or overnight retreats.

Grant Writing 101- Sue Poland, Homedale: Learn how to write a variety of grants aimed at agricultural education and FFA. See samples of successful grants and get tips on how to manage the grants once you receive them.

Ag Teacher Technology for the Technologically Challenged- Jaysa Fillmore, Cassia: Do you feel like you are hearing a foreign language when it comes to technology? Would you like to learn how to send a message on the Idaho Ag Ed ListServe, share a Google Doc, or search for a new lesson idea on Communities of Practice? Come to this beginner level workshop and have your technology-related questions ready for Jaysa.

Rady, Set, Go with PERSI!- Mike Mitchell, PERSI: Did you know that as a public school employee, you are a member of PERSI? One of the missions of the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho is to assist its members in planning a secure retirement by providing high-quality, friendly service, retirement education and information. This workshop will be a combination workshop that provides information for early career through veteran teachers.

Ag Expo Roundtable- Rick Waitley, Idaho Ag in the Classroom: Ag Expos are held each year across the state and expose thousands of children to the agricultural industry. Attend this workshop and be prepared to share successes, failure, and questions about hosting an Ag Expo. Mr. Waitley will share resources, ideas, and guidelines to help you in your planning.

Intro to IQPS - Marc Beitia, American Falls: Mr. Beitia will give a detailed overview of the Idaho Quality Program Standards incentive grant process. Teachers who have not applied for IQPS are encouraged to attend this workshop to get some advice on how to start the process and what documentation is needed for the grant.

Agriscience- the Future of Agriculture- Tom Jacobsen, North Fremont: Mr. Jacobsen was a 2015 graduate of the NAAE National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy sponsored by DuPont. Attend this workshop for some new ideas on amping up the inquiry in your agriscience classes.

Saddle Up for Equine Curriculum Resources- Liz Russell, Meridian: Miss Russell teaches Introductory and Advanced Equine Science classes in the Meridian ag program. She will share ideas for units in both courses as well as videos, guest speakers, and other equine science resources.

Ag Welding Exchange of Ideas: Do you have ideas for updates to the Ag Welding curriculum? Come prepared to share your projects, rubrics, and lesson plans. We’ll be looking at post-secondary program credit correlations and how they fit into your ag welding program.

Intro to Ag Exchange of Ideas: Introduction to Agricultural Education and Introduction to Agricultural Industry are two of the most popular courses taught in Idaho, yet curriculum has not been developed on a state level. Come prepared to share your ideas, assignments, and lesson plans.

Animal Science Exchange of Ideas: The Idaho Animal Science curricula has not been updated in a few decades. Come prepared to share your ideas for updating this curriculum in a way that will appeal to today’s learners. We’ll be discussing courses all the way from Introduction to Livestock Industry to the 500 level Zoology courses.

Plant Science Exchange of Ideas: Do you have great resources and ideas for your Horticulture or Botany classes? Come prepared to share your lessons, activities, and projects for plant science.