Ag 335: Floral Design and Marketing

A.Tools of the Floral Trade Unit
-Tools of the Floral Trade
-Ribbon and Wire
B. Flower and Foliage Morphology Unit
-Flower Forms
C. Pricing and Ordering Unit
-Pricing and Ordering
D. Principles of Floral Design Unit
-Floral Design Principles
-Principles of Art Evaluation
E. Color Unit
F. Floral Design History Unit
-Floral Design History
G. Flower Arranging Unit
H. Plant Identification Unit
-Plant Classification
-Plant Identification A-C
-Plant Identification D-F
-Plant Identification G-L
-Plant Identification M-R
-Plant Identification S-Z
-Plant Identification Quizzes
I. Personal Flowers Unit
-Personal Flowers
J. Fresh Flower Care and Handling Unit
-Care and Handling
K. Permanent and Preserved Flowers Unit
-Permanent and Preserved
L. The Retail Floral Industry Unit
-Floral Industry
M. Sales and Customer Service Unit
-Sales and Customer Service