2019-2020 Idaho Ag Teacher Openings 

Declo-Jessica Potter Marchant
-Riely Geritz
Marsing-Hanna Mamer
Maddison-Elijah Gregg
Maddison-Pat Dixon
Nampa-Kylee Fisher
West Ada-Dino Vinci

Council School District No. 13 is accepting applications for an AG/Science Teacher. Additional endorsements will prove valuable and coaching assignments are available.   A completed application packet must include the district application form, cover letter, resume, transcripts, proof of appropriate certification, and letters of recommendation. Applications may be picked up at the district office in the high school during normal business hours, by e-mail to kfoster@csd13.org, on the district website at csd13.org (look for teacher), or by phone at (208)253-4217.  Completed applications should be turned in to the district office during normal business hours.  Applications may also be e-mailed. Council School District No. 13 is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

White Pine School District is looking for an Agricultural Instructor for the 2019-2020 school year. Certificated Application can be found on their website at https://www.sd288.k12.id.us/employment and for questions call 208-877-1408.

Homedale High School
Homedale High School is looking for a full time High School Agriculture Education Instructor for the 2018-2019 school year. The successful candidate will be part of a two person program. Pathways include Ag Science and Ag Mechanics. Courses can be designed around the strengths of the successful candidate who must have a strong desire and motivation to strengthen a growing FFA Program and incorporate the three circle model of agriculture education in their instruction.  A 30-day minimum extended contract is included. Homedale has a 4-day school week with 165 day regular contract. The program enjoys strong community support with an active FFA Alumni and advisory committee. Homedale High has about 350 students, and is located in western Idaho near an abundance of outdoor recreation.The program has a metal and wood shop, two classrooms, greenhouse and an outdoor garden area. This is a certified, full time position with district benefits. Valid Idaho certificate with proper endorsement required. Natural Science and Economics endorsement are helpful. https://idaho.schoolspring.com/job.cfm?jid=3085548

Kuna High School

The Kuna High School Agricultural Program is expanding to hire a 4th teacher. The position will include teaching Introduction to agriculture, Greenhouse management, and Floriculture. The position is flexible depending on the applicants skill set so the position may include some Animal Science, Ag Mechanics, Welding and Small Engines. The position will also include actively participating as an FFA advisor throughout the year and supervising SAE projects. Must possess, or be willing to acquire, a current Idaho Education Credential with appropriate endorsement. Preferred endorsements include Agricultural Sci & Tech (6-12) but may also include the following: Secondary biology or natural science certifications, Economics endorsement , 0130 Agricultural Power Machinery (6-12), 6236 Welding (6-12). FFA knowledge and experience preferred. Salaray will be based on placement on the Idaho Salary Schedule whith a up to 40 day extended contract. Please visit the Kuna School Distrcit website for more information.

Idaho Falls
Idaho Falls School District is hiring an Agricultural, Construction, and/or Manufacturing Instructor. Must hold a valid Idaho Teaching Credential and 3 years of experience is preffered. NOTE: This program will also qualify for the IQPS Start Up Grant if the program is hired for Ag! Contact Carrie Smith at 208-525-7554 and visit the website https://idaho.schoolspring.com/job.cfm?jid=3051752 to apply.

Do you like to get away from the hustle and bustle? Do you like all 4 seasons in one day? Do you like a teaching partner that is positive, happy and cheerful all the time? If so do I have the job for you!!!  Mackay High School Ag Teacher Trent VanLeuven is attempting to make a paradigm shift and open a second ag position to teach ag science courses in the place of science.  The superintendent is open to the concept and Trent made a bet that he would have a much easier time hiring a high quality individual that would stick around from the agsciences. Trent’s goal is to split the ag science classes with a new hire.  You can help in this process by applying for the position and in the cover letter discuss your hope to teach ag science classes in the place of science. The insurance isn't great.  But they have a 4 day week and the following amenities:
-A 4 day school week.
-You get to teach with THE TRENT VANLEUVEN
-He will get you an elk cow hunt.
-Ice fishing is great.  Heck, all the fishing is great.
-Relaxing atmosphere with the best view.
-And a 4 day school week.
Help Trent make his dream become a reality! Yes he is serious, for more questions contact Trent VanLeuven at trenvanl@mackayschools.org

Notus High School is actively seeking a qualified Ag Teacher and FFA advisor for the 2019- 2020 school year. Notus currently has a student population of 180 students 7th through 12th grade. Our Professional Technical Building was constructed in 2001 and includes a classroom, teacher’s office, a large welding and Ag mechanics shop. Our facilities include a 30 x 60 foot greenhouse with a 1 acre field directly behind our greenhouse. The small rural community is actively involved in the schools and our annual FFA auction raises an average of $15,000 a year for our FFA program. Notus is currently on a four day week traditional student schedule with 7 classes per day. The qualified candidate would teach a variety of classes from Junior High Ag Exploration courses to advanced Greenhouse, plasma cam, and welding courses. The standard teaching contract is a 170 day contract with and addition 30 day extended contract for summer fair supervision and other FFA activities, events, and training. Notus has an established FFA program with nearly 80 FFA members 7th –12th grade. Interested candidates can find the application and required paperwork on the Notus School District website.

Parma High School is currently looking for an agricultural teacher for the 2019-2020 school year. For more information visit their webiste at https://idaho.schoolspring.com/job.cfm?jid=3079355 .

St. Maries
St. Maries has an position that is currently open. All applicants must qualify to hold an Idaho Certificate or hold comparable out-of-state certification which can be endorsed in Idaho for the position. Experience preferred. Employment will begin with the 2018/2019 school year and is contingent upon Board approval. Salary will be based on education and experience with placement on the certified salary schedule. Preliminary screening will be accomplished on the basis of complete District application, letter of interest, and recommendations. Finalist(s) will be invited for a personal interview. For more information please contact Karen Robinson at 208 245-2579 and visit the website at https://idaho.schoolspring.com/job.cfm?jid=2953260

Other States

Battle Mountain High School, NV
Battle Mountain High School is hiring an agricultural instructor for the 2019-2020 school year. This position comes with a lot of perks; a 4 day school week, 36 day extended contract, $5,000 signing bonus and $1,500 relocation package. For more information visit their website at http://www.lander.k12.nv.us/employment.html

Walla Walla, WA
Walla Walla High School is hiring an agricultural instructor for the 2019-2020 school year. For more information please visit their website at https://wallawalla.tedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=3361

Garfield-Palouse School District, WA
Garfield-Palouse School District is looking for a full time Agricultural Instructor for the 2019-2020 school year. FFA Stipend will be 40.5% of base salary. The FFA is an integral part of the Agriculture Education program at Garfield-Palouse. All Agriculture Education, Food, and Natural Resources departments are expected to have an FFA chapter. It is the duty of the teacher to serve as the advisor for the local chapter. It is necessary that the teacher spend time in planning and conducting leadership, citizenship, and cooperative activities for students at the district, area, state, and national levels. The teacher is expected to be competent in the following career development events: Soils, Agronomy, all public speaking areas, Parliamentary Procedure, Livestock, Meats. The attached job posting has more information on the position and how to apply.